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a few opinions about our wine branding…

May 8/2013   Category: General

“Finally, it should be noted that the wines Jorge imports always look great. In fact, I can think of no other supplier where I can count on attractive, exciting, unique packaging (as a retailer that really does matter). I’m not going to try explaining some of the cooler labels I’ve seen, but the next time you’re in a retail store go to the Spanish section and find the first cool label you see. Pick up the bottle and turn it around: I’ll bet anything you will see the Jorge Ordonez name on the back.” type pad (The Borrowed Penguin Wine Review  |


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Wine Branding update

February 8/2013   Category: General

zerrangarnatxablanca_new.jpgThe past couple of months has seen the introduction of a few notable brand expansions and introductions…

We’ll be adding updates here in the coming days and weeks.

First up we’d like to show Zerran Garnatxa Blanca

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Choco-Lat hits the shelves, and immediately flies off them!

June 26/2012   Category: General

GoBig was asked to create the package and supporting POP for a brand new Chocolate liquor product for MS Walker.

Choco-Lat is a decadent treat that subs as a dessert option for those chocoholics looking for the next great idea…

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Halliburton’s Baroid Ecosystem comes to life

June 25/2012   Category: General

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FloraLife - A fresh new cut to an established leader in Floral maintenance

June 20/2012   Category: General

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